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If you want to learn about our organisation, our history, values and the way things work around here - well, then you have come to the right place. Here we here give you a sneak peak into the heart of PanzerGlass


As you have found your way to our careers website you are probably interested in PanzerGlass – and now it is our time to share some information with you about how we do things around here. 

Our History

PanzerGlass (PG) was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Jimmy Olsen who saw an opportunity to create one global brand within screen protection. Teaming up with Juhl Bach Holding and using his experience from the mobile accessories business, as well as setting up businesses he founded PanzerGlass.

Developing the product, setting up production in China, developing packaging design while at the same time selling the product through distributors was the founding days of PG. In year one it was a one-man army, in year two he added on one resource, and together they started to conquer the world. In June 2014 the sales office in Dubai was established and from there on the growth started and in December 2016 counting 55 employees.

What began as a visionary entrepreneurs' good idea is now a pioneering global organisation producing and selling our own brand PanzerGlass. We have 120+ employees covering 73 markets, with offices in 14 different countries and the urge to continue the growth and disrupt the market.

Our culture

"Our culture is that one thing that our competitors cannot copy"  CEO, Jimmy Olsen

And that is so true! We don't want to brag but PanzerGlass is a true success story. PG is built around good ideas, fast decision making, and a willingness to take calculated risks. And that is also the DNA today - a guess would be that each employee at PG gets 5-10 ideas a day - some good some bad - but they are there and the idea mindset is what drives us.

Most of us spend more time with our colleagues than our families - and therefore it is vital that we enjoy spending time together - and we do! Moreover, we are ranked as the 2nd best workplace in Denmark in the Great Place to Work survey and listed as number 16 in Europe.

We expect you to responsibility - you have the role you have because you are the best at what you do.


Coporate values

Our corporate values are our guiding stars. They set the direction if we are in doubt and they are playing an active role in our daily business, recruitment process, performance appraisals, business meetings, and much more.

Bring Passion
At PanzerGlass™, “Passion” is a key value as we always walk the extra mile for our colleagues, customers, and projects to create value. We believe that passion, a winning attitude, and talent are key values for our current and future employees. We look to hire and retain people that live these values by always bringing their A-game and who never back down from a challenge
Be Positive
PanzerGlass™ is built by entrepreneurs and the pioneering spirit continues to be an integral part of our company. At PanzerGlass™, we do not focus on what is not possible. We do not see obstacles, make up excuses, and say “it can’t be done”. We are committed to always have a positive mindset, explore new possibilities, embrace change, and encourage agility and fast decision making. We believe a positive spirit, an open mind, and a winning attitude mean that sky is the limit.
Have Integrity
PanzerGlass’s customers and business partners trust in our brand, our people, and our word. We strive to honor their trust by acting with integrity, always keeping our promises, and being honest. PanzerGlass™ employees are the beating heart of our company and the physical manifestation of our corporate values. They are true to their word, honest in nature, act responsible, respect others, and know right from wrong – in business as well as in life. PanzerGlass’s brand and reputation are everything.

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